A lilac point girl (Arya's kitten) & a chocolate point girl ( Trixie's kitten) -Hawthorn's first & second litter- both living together and getting up to mischief in Melbourne
Violet & Minnie
Hawthorn's first son, Hiccup with his synchronised partner, Toothless
Hiccup exploring
Practicalcats Hawthorn KIng (Imp CAN) My gorgeous, playful & smoochy boy....

LATEST NEWS 19 July 2019

Arya & Hawthorn are expecting Kittens in mid-August: either lilac or fawn point kittens

I am planning on Trixie having kittens with Hawthorn in the second half of this year...possible colours are lilac & chocolate point...expressions of interest welcomed

1st tawny boy born 1/11/17- sold
2nd tawny boy available -sold
3rd tawny boy available- sold
Zelda (mum) supervising...
Zali has had four kittens- two cinnamon and two fawn. Born 12th November. Their eyes are just opening here on day 13.