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Practicalcats Hawthorn King (Imp CAN)...I am immensely grateful to Stephanie & Alex, of Practicalcats Cattery in Ontario, Canada for enabling me to have this wonderful boy in my cattery...not only is he stunningly beautiful but he has the most easy going and loving nature!

Hello, my name is Suzie and i have been owned by Abyssinian Cats for more than thirty years. Then Draco, a gorgeous Somali boy arrived!

I breed Somali Cats- a semi-longhaired relative of the Abyssinian cat. They are a delightful companion that has a coat that needs combing only once a week (or as often as you like).

I now also breed Siamese Cats of the oriental type & am concentrating at the moment on this breed as ACF AoE SLV DB GD CH Practicalcats Hawthorn King (imp CAN) is my wonderful snuggly stud boy.

I am proud to say that he was CatsNSW Inc: 2018 Group 2 Cat of the Year and was also the recipient of the Margaret Craft Memorial Best Siamese Exhibit at the ACF National Show in Adelaide in 2018.

His kittens are stamped strongly with his temperament & type and are beautiful.

Hawthorn loves attention from his human and cat family. He also enjoys baroque classical music & strolls both in the home and outside in the garden, wearing his very stylish harness.

These cats love to supervise your days and will follow you around and love to play games, well into their adulthood.

The kittens that are offered for sale, will require family homes where they are either kept as indoor cats or have access to an enclosed area outside. This not only protects your much-loved kitten from injury and illness, but also protects Australian wildlife.

Arya owning the sofa!